So much more than a new uniformity rally, it’s an ode to the East Cantons!

If Belgium is the kingdom of uniformity rallies for vintage cars, a discipline that made it’s appearance in Belgium with the Coupe des Sources, the phenomenon is not about to run out of steam, quite on the contrary! Next winter a new prestigious event will appear on the calendar: the Ostbelgien Classic! It’s organised by an international star of mechanical sports: Michael Bartholemy from Eupen… Though Bartholemy’s career has mainly focussed on pure motorcycle racing, the famous “Team Principal” is also a great lover of historic rallies. He often participated in such events in the winter, during the Continental Circusmid-season....

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Dear rally sport friends,

In recent months the Ostbelgien Classic Uniformity Rally has undergone a tremendous development. Starting from just an idea, it has now progressed to such an extent that there is no turning back. All the better! Because the event scheduled to take place in the eastern part of Belgium from 29th November to 1st December is unique. 780 kilometres on winding roads in three days: from Eupen to Kelmis and back, then via Botrange to the High Fens and the Eifel: drifting all you can. Up and down and across borders into three more countries.

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