An ‘ Ostbelgien Classic Light’ category to get you started

Whereas some regularity events combine their contest with a ‘ride’, generally without any ranking, the Ostbelgien Classic has opted for another formula, called ‘Classic Light’, allowing the less experienced contestants to maximise their enjoyment and gain experience in this precision event. On the weekend of Friday 3, Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 December, two different rankings will be used for the second edition of the Ostbelgien Classic, which will start in Eupen…

As is well known, regularity events for historic cars originated in Belgium“, explains the organiser, Michael Bartholemy. “And our small country has become a master in the art of absolute precision, with co-drivers who have become regularity experts. You only have to look at the results of many international events to be convinced of this. The other side of the coin is that this expertise can frighten contestants who are beginners or who don’t master the discipline in the same way. At the first edition of the Ostbelgien Classic at the end of 2019, the performance of the top regularity drivers discouraged some people. That’s why we launched the ‘Ostbelgien Classic Light’ formula…“.

Though less demanding than the ‘Classic’ category, the ‘Classic Light’ formula is still a contest, but a more manageable one. The average speeds are systematically lower, which makes the challenge easier“, says Eric Chapa, sports manager of the Ostbelgien Classic. “And the dirt sections, which can be more difficult for cars that are not prepared for contests, have been completely eliminated. The route is therefore 100% asphalted and can be driven by series-production cars. The aim of this ‘Classic Light’ category is to allow less experienced teams to have a great weekend by battling it out amongst themselves, with separate ranking and prize-giving.

At the first edition of the Göhltal Classic, another of The Event’s successful events last spring, Joseph Lambert, who was responsible for the route and the split between the two events, proposed a ‘traditional’ first day, where regularity experts proved themselves, and a second, more ‘light’, accessible stage, which was more appreciated by less experienced teams. The aim was clearly to provide a teaser of the Ostbelgien Classic, so that everyone would understand the difference between the ‘ Classic’ and ‘Classic Light’ contests.

Ideally, after having participated once or twice in the ‘Classic Light’, the objective is that the contestants feel sufficiently prepared to move up to the ‘Classic’ category and thus challenge the likes of Deflandre, Decremer, Vanderspinnen, Baugnée, Delhez, Reuter and others“, Michael Bartholemy continues. “The idea is to allow beginners, less experienced drivers or those who don’t have a racing car, to get their feet wet, to get them used to the regularity rules, in order to encourage them to one day raise their game.”

Spread the word! There will be not one, but two Ostbelgien Classic events on the first weekend of December…