The Ostbelgien Classic will support the city of Eupen after the terrible floods

Whilst Michael Bartholemy’s company ‘The Event’ is multiplying initiatives to promote East Belgium in general, and Eupen in particular with regard to the Ostbelgien Classic, the disastrous floods in July have plunged the lower part of the city into obvious disarray. For the municipal authorities, the current priority is to allow Eupen to return to as normal a life as possible, by doing everything possible to ensure that the population returns to some of its normal routine.

Given this natural disaster, some people are wondering whether the Ostbelgien Classic 2021 will still take place on the first weekend in December. The answer is clearly yes! “What Eupen experienced a few weeks ago is utterly devastating, and this dramatic situation motivates us even more to go ahead and support the city in our own way,” explains Michael Bartholemy, the organiser. “Not only will the Ostbelgien Classic take place on 3rd, 4th and 5th December, but we will do our utmost to help the victims and all those who have been experiencing difficulties since mid-July…”.

In concrete terms, ‘The Event’ will contact the partner restaurants of the event, in order to plan the next steps and not let anyone down… “As many people know, L’Atelier, the prestigious setting for the much-loved Sunday evening dinner, has suffered extensive damage,” continues Michael Bartholemy. “We can’t just sit back idly. We will continue to work with the restaurant and its manager Marc Nüchtern, by commissioning him to organise a dinner elsewhere, but which will retain the ‘touch’ of L’Atelier…”.

And that’s not all. The Ostbelgien Classic also intends to support the disaster victims of the lower town, in the form of tangible financial aid. “Together with Joseph Lambert, who is responsible for the Ostbelgien Classic route, we will organise a stopover where everyone, contestants and participants, will be able to have a convivial meal. The funds raised on this occasion will be entirely donated to the disaster support committees. Everyone will be free to do as they wish, but everything consumed on the spot will help to improve to the extent possible the situation of the people who suffered the greatest damage after the floods…”.

By putting the spotlight on Eupen, the Ostbelgien Classic 2021 clearly aims to continue until the end of the year the spirit of generosity that marked the first weeks after the terrible floods. In full collaboration with the city authorities, solutions will be found to ensure that this regularity event for vintage cars combines usefulness with pleasure. The practical details will follow shortly…