Only a few days left to get the special rate!

The Ostbelgien Classic 2022 is fast aproaching, the final of the FIA Trophy Historic Regularity Rallies!  In Eupen, we are pulling out all the stops to ensure that everything will be perfect for this great event…and we would like to remind you that the special registration rate expires on 01 July!

“It’s still not too late, but now is the time to confirm your attendance if you would like to avail of these good rates, which will save you several hundred euros as opposed to if you wait for the second stage of tickets”, says Michael Bartholemy, head of “The Event” and organiser. Rest assured that nothing will be left to chance, with a course of more than 800 kilometres laid out by Josef Lambert which will consist of regularity on open roads, but also tests on private land, always more attractive.  That way we’re following the trend of major European events but also the future of regularity…”

By way of reminder, we will try and meet the needs and wishes of as many people as possible in this 2022 edition of the Ostbelgien Classic starting on Friday 02, Saturday 03 and Sunday 04 December, with two distinct categories: the Ostbelgien Classic + (average speed of maximum 50 km/h with regularity checks (RTs), time checks (CHs), time checks to the second (CHSs), a route with tulip pacenotes, with some non-metered sections, maps, tests on private land) and the Ostbelgien Classic (max 45 km/h, RTs, CHs and CHSs, a tulip pacenote route, easy maps and stages on private land).  Thus, each crew is free to choose the level of difficulty depending on their experience and preference.

“The route has been completed since the end of April”, explains Josef Lambert, the person in charge, “and applications for authorisations are underway.  We’re going to be focussing on the Eifel region more than last year, discovering special routes.  The Saturday stage will finish in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.   We will therefore avoid the Netherlands and limit incursions into Germany.  There will be no long series of CHSs.    This course will be more accessible to foreign crews who will have a genuine opportunity to claim victory.  The key to the success of such an event is to find compromise on the difficulty end…we are working on it and are confident you will like the result…”.

Also, to make this final of the FIA Trophy Historic Regularity Rallies 2022 as accessible to as many people as possible, ‘The Event’ has decided to offer two levels of pricing, with an ‘All Inclusive’ and a ‘Just Drive’ option so that people can take part in this big celebration irrespective of their budget, with the possibility of managing their own accommodation and meals and so saving some money.

What is already a certainty is that the crème de la crème of international regularity will be there for their chance to succeed winning crews of the Ostbelgien Classic such as that of Daniel Reuter and Robert Vandevorst (Porsche 944) in 2019 and Christophe Berteloot and Baptiste Gengoux (Porsche 911) in 2021.

The temptation to avoid the numerous traps of the course starting from the east of Belgium in likely wintery weather will be great, and there is no doubt that when the definitive list of candidates of the Ostbelgien Classic + and the Ostbelgien-Classic will be unveiled, there will be smiling faces in the ranks of ‘The Event’…