Plenty of news regarding the Ostbelgien Classic 2022!

After a more than successful edition in 2021, and the good news following it, the Ostbelgien Classic is already on its way towards its long awaited third edition, taking place on Friday 02, Saturday 03, and Sunday 04 December.  It is therefore confirmed that the Final of the FIA Trophy for Historic Regularity Rallies 2022 will be held during the first weekend of the last month of the year…

“That space has been reserved for us on the calendar since the event was created”, explains Michael Bartholemy, organiser from The Event.  “We considered moving our event back or pushing it forward, but that would have put us in direct competition with other major events on the regularity scene.  This is something we clearly did not want, especially not since we were chosen by FIA to host the final of their Trophy for Historic Regularity Rallies…”

Entries for the Ostbelgien Classic 2022 have been available on the official website since 01 February.  The main features of the event, starting with its superb course glorifying the east of the country, have been kept, but not only that, there will be a lot of new things as well next December, with a brand-new name for the categories to begin with.

“We have indeed decided to keep the concept… but to change the titles”, Michael Barthelomy explains further, “The Ostbelgien Classic category has become the Ostbelgien Classic +, still with an average speed of 50 km/h, regularity tests (RTs), time checks (CHs), time checks to the second (CHSs), a route with tulip pacenotes, with some non-metered sections, simple maps drawn at a scale of 1 25 000 (RT), and of course stages on closed-off roads or private land.  The Classic Light category is now called the Ostbelgien Classic, with a course that is 95% identical to that of the Ostbelgien Classic + category, an average speed of maximum 45 km/h, RTs, CHs and CHSs, a tulip pacenote route, maps, stages on closed-off roads or private land…however everything is more accessible, with fewer traps!  The crews who are not regularity experts are delighted with this second category, and we wanted to keep it by giving it a more meaningful title…”.

 The designation of the Ostbelgien Classic 2022 as the final of the FIA Trophy Historic Regularity Rallies will also change the degree of difficulty… but not necessarily in the direction that some might have imagined. “We want to make the 2022 edition more accessible, in order to better meet the wishes of the foreign competitors, but also not to favour the ‘locals’, who have more experience with the difficulties and other ‘Belgian’ traps,” confirms Joseph Lambert, who is responsible for the course and sports management. “Maps will be drawn accordingly, and the CHS/TCS series will be shortened.”

And that’s not all…  On Saturday 03 December competitors will enjoy a surprise overnight stay, and The Event has decided to enlarge its offering by giving more freedom to crews at the time of registration.  There’s a “Just Drive” option for participants who want to organise their own accommodation, meals, etc., which of course are included in the “All Inclusive” option.  The best rates are applicable until 01 July as detailed on the website.

There, the scene has been set, and let’s bet that the information momentum will turn the third edition of the Ostbelgien Classic into the unmissable event of the season on the regularity front by the first weekend of December.  Watch this space!