Starting-Blocks for the Ostbelgien Classic more imminent than ever!

While autumn has clearly taken possession of our regions, the final countdown to the Ostbelgien Classic 2022 departing from Eupen on Friday 02, Saturday 03 and Sunday 04 December has clearly begun.  Michael Bartholemy and ‘The Event’ team are currently working on the final details to ensure that the third edition of the event, the Final of the FIA Historic Regularity Rally Trophy 2022, goes off without a hitch.

Once again, the Ostbelgien Classic 2022 can draw on the know-how of real regularity experts.  Joseph Lambert’s successor, Eric Chapa has drawn up the roadbook, and the roadbook is the basis for a superb course (800 kilometres long!).  Etienne Massillon is now officially in charge of the direction of the race, with Frank Frankenberg at his side.

The upshot: as expected, the battle for victory is likely to be undecided in the two selected categories, the Ostbelgien-Classic + (average of max 50 km/h with regularity checks (RTs), time checks (CHs), time checks to the second (CHSs), a route with tulip pacenotes, with some non-metered sections, maps and stages on private land and the Ostbelgien-Classic (max 45 km/h, RTs, CHs and CHSs, a tulip pacenote route, easy maps and stages on private land).

On the Ostbelgien-Classic + end, the best Belgian experts are Deflandre-Hugo (Porsche 911), recent winners of the Portugal Historico, Martens-Pyck (Volvo PV444), winners of the Tour Auto 2022, Reuter-Vandevorst (Porsche 944 S2), first winners of the event based in Eupen, Van Rompuy-Smeets (Porsche 914/6), Lambert-Noelanders (BMW 2002 Ti), Blaise-Lienne (Porsche 911), Decremer-Albert (Opel Ascona 400), Evrard-Bernard (Porsche 911), Lamotte-Polet (Lancia Fulvia HF).  Their consorts will find someone to talk to at the FIA Final!

The international delegation will be led by the Latvians Stanevics-Hmielevskis (VAZ Lada 1500), the British Bloxidge-Canavan (VW Golf GTi) and Moss-Ewing (idem), the Dutch Jacobs-Gillissen (Porsche 912 B), the Poles Stryczak-Stryczak (Porsche 911), Dzitko-Siwek (Fiat Polski 125 S) and Kowalik-X (Triumph TR3 A), the Germans Reising-Schwalie (Porsche 911 Safari) and Droste-Mohr (BMW M3), etc. In short, the battle is promising…

There is a similar international flair in the Ostbelgien-Classic category with Germans, British, Swiss and of course a good handful of Belgians. And cars ranging from the Renault 4CV to the Subaru Impreza!

The U25 operation that is close to the heart of the organisers of the Ostbelgian Classic is meant to awaken the interest of young crews from the Euregio Meuse-Rhine in regularity for classic cars.  The beautiful final took place at the Karting Eupen last weekend.  After a bit of driving wheel jousting, a virtual rally and a road exercise, the names of the winners have been published!  Gathy-Vercammen and Lentz-Treinen will be the ‘youngsters’ chosen to perform in ‘oldtimers’ at an all-expense-paid weekend in December. Congratulations to them!

See you soon for a final general presentation of the Ostbelgien Classic 2022 when East Belgium will become the centre of Europe on the regularity events front for a weekend…