Registration for the Ostbelgien Classic 2021 is open

Friday 4th December. The day of the grand start of the Ostbelgien Classic 2020. The second edition was unfortunately postponed until December 2021, for the health reasons we are all aware of.  A certain bitterness can be felt in the ranks of the organisation… but everyone is already looking to the future. The batteries are fully recharged, the adventure can begin anew.

This Friday, we should have been meeting on the Klötzerbahn in Eupen, in a setting heralding the end-of-year festivities in Eastern Belgium,” says Michael Bartholemy. “Circumstances decided otherwise, but I miss the smell of your cars, the atmosphere of the technical inspections at Hyundai Johnen, the calibration course, your questions, the tension, and even the stress! We had done our utmost to ensure that each contestant would enjoy these three days to a maximum. During the last ten months, Joseph Lambert had meticulously prepared an 800-kilometer route, together with Eric Chapa and Frank Frankenberg. And, we had planned to spend the first evening all together at the Kloster-Heidberg, on the Klötzerbahn or at L’Atelier. We planned everything for eleven months, down to the last detail, and everything was ready. During this long period, I was able to count on the support of the government of the German-speaking Community, the mayors, the police, the neighbouring countries, partners, employees, friends, family, the contestants, as well as, of course, a great organising team. I miss you all… “.

The saying goes that he who does not advance, retreats. Even if he admits feeling somewhat down when faced with an exceptionally empty Klötzerbahn, Michael Bartholemy isn’t the type to give up. In his mind, time has gone by very quickly and he already imagines himself at the same place on Friday, 3rd December … 2021 for the grand start of the Ostbelgien Classic, act 2! “I’ll be there, we’ll all be there,” says the organiser. “And we will be proud of our event and of all that will have been done for you, faithful contestants. We will be proud to have made it through this difficult period, proud to have stood firm and to have always believed in it. The Ostbelgien Classic 2020 is not to be, long live the Ostbelgien Classic 2021!

Actions call for reactions! From this Friday, 4th December, and as a powerful symbol, registrations for the 2021 edition of this vintage car regularity event which celebrates Eastern Belgium are open. Visit our website at!

As recently announced, Michael Bartholemy and his team don’t intend to wait another 12 months before seeing you again. For this reason, the The Gueule Valley Classic / 12 H Ostbelgien little sister of the Ostbelgien Classic, has been organised for Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 May 2021.

As you can see, we’re not going to sit back and wait for December 2021,” concludes Michael Bartholemy. “See you very soon!”