Those behind the Ostbelgien Classic: no rally without partners

One thing is certain: the Ostbelgien Classic could not take place without partners. I’m very pleased that so many supporters will be participating at the premiere of our vintage car rally. They all agreed to enrich the kickoff event of this hopefully long-standing tradition with their contributions. A select few will reveal why they are involved in this project.

Isabelle Weykmans (Minister for Culture and Sport, Employment and Media of the German-speaking Community of Belgium)

“Connoisseurs can discover Eastern Belgium on foot, on horseback, by bike and this year also at the wheel of a smart vintage car. You can enjoy this spectacle at the uniformity rally which invites you to make an exploratory tour in style through the German-speaking Community. As Minister in charge of tourism in Eastern Belgium, I see this initiative as a wonderful and extremely challenging way of getting to know Eastern Belgium. Young teams, and those who are young at heart, can explore the unique nature and landscape while solving tasks together and experiencing controlled driving in practice. A warm welcome to Eastern Belgium!”

Thomas Strang (KBC Bank)
“The Ostbelgien Classic highlights our region’s diversity. KBC supports this event as we, too, are present throughout the German-speaking Community and the region is close to our heart!”

Marc Kistemann (founder of the Eupen Rallye)
“Eastern Belgium is my home! And it’s just my thing to organise a huge event with a great team. Moreover, we have one of the most interesting rally regions of Europe right on our doorstep.”

Daniel Pavonet (Pavonet PGmbH)
“Ostbelgien Classic – great publicity for our home region! We have a natural paradise right on our doorstep, it’s only fair to invite “the world”! And for those who know Michael, they know that he doesn’t do things by halves! Michael has been a customer for years and he has enjoyed our full support from the very beginning. We are looking forward to the Ostbelgien Classic’s baptism of fire!”

Christian Charlier (photographer)
“Why do I support the Ostbelgien Classic? The question never actually arose. A rally at my doorstep; great landscapes and stages, the whole thing with vintage cars, with their special charm; organised by Michael who has so much experience. Who could resist that? I’m sure that this event will be a highlight in the diary of classic rally fans!”

Jenna Johnen (Hyundai Johnen)
“When we heard about the concept of the Ostbelgien rally, we were immediate enthousiastic. There has never been such a rally in Eastern Belgium. For us, as a car dealership, it was obviously from the word go that we want to participate and support the team. The preparation and planning gives us an idea as to just how successful this rally is going to be. We are happy to do our bit.“

Lothar Arimont (E-Tech PGmbH)
“I support his project because this event is taking place in our home region and we can show our region’s beautiful sides. And when I heard that Michael Bartholemy is organising this rally, I knew it couldn’t be anything but a success.”

Peter Baumgarten (Paperplane Productions)
“Michael is a visionary. One has to support his ideas and plans because he loves what he does and, what he does, he loves. This time he dares organise a rally through one of Europe’s most beautiful regions and I want to be involved!”

Claudia Niessen (Mayor of the town of Eupen)
“Exchanging similarities, exploring new regions, meeting different people, Ostbelgien Classic is all of that in one. As the town of Eupen, we therefore warmly welcome all participants and interested persons to our town and we are pleased to be a good host, one to whom people will love to come back to.”
I can only agree with the mayor of Eupen. Preparations are in full swing to ensure that our participants will remember Ostbelgien as something very special. The press also got wind of it and recently presented our project at length (Make PDF available for download?).

Less than two months to go. Then the engines will rev up! We are very much looking forward to it.

Yours truly,

Michael Bartholemy

PS: There are only very few places left. If you still have doubts, now is the time to decide.