Ostbelgien Classic 2020

See you in twelve months for the Ostbelgien Classic 2020!


A good week after the first edition of the Ostbelgien Classic organised by the teams headed by Michael Bartholemy, Eupen and the region of the Eastern cantons have become quiet again. The old racing cars have returned to their workshops and the Klötzerbahn, the heart of this regularity rally for vintage cars, has regained its tranquility … before going into ‘Christmas market’ mode this coming weekend!
At the end of a period of intense activity, Michael Bartholemy makes an initial assessment of this inaugural edition … not without already reconvening the contestants in twelve months’ time for a confirmed act 2.

“First of all, I would like to commend, thank and congratulate the teams that accompanied me on this new adventure, the Ostbelgien Classic.”explains the organizer. “Apart from my activities on the pure motorcycle racing scene, I have a passion for vintage cars and for events that put them in the spotlight and, for a long time, I have wanted to organize an event on my own terms. This rally was appreciated as much by regularity specialists – and they are numerous in Belgium! – as by the teams who wanted, most of all, to have a good time, without claiming any sort of ranking. Though not everything was perfect, which is normal for a first edition, I think we succeeded with the mix of contestants. The result was obvious from all those smiles on people’s faces, the words of encouragement, the thanks expressed by different people. All we have to do now is debrief all of that and already plan the second edition of the Ostbelgien Classic … “