Dear rally sport friends,

In recent months the Ostbelgien Classic Uniformity Rally has undergone a tremendous development. Starting from just an idea, it has now progressed to such an extent that there is no turning back. All the better! Because the event scheduled to take place in the eastern part of Belgium from 29th November to 1st December is unique. 780 kilometres on winding roads in three days: from Eupen to Kelmis and back, then via Botrange to the High Fens and the Eifel: drifting all you can. Up and down and across borders into three more countries.

The registrations for our mega-event got off to a great start. Many drivers with exciting vintage cars have confirmed their participation. Many regional rally friends will also take part, and that makes me particularly happy. Everything is thus going according to plan, and the rally is growing little by little, day by day.

When I say “we”, I mean Marc Kistemann, Lucien Letocart and myself.  My two partners have successfully organised the Eupen Rally more than ten times. That was a great event I also took part in and which had me convinced, right from the start, that our part of Belgium is blessed with wonderful roads. My two partners continue to take me to new spots that I have never seen before in my life, let alone driven.

At this rally all co-organisers bring in their skills. Every single person counts. All ingredients are just right. There are the more structured minds, the lateral thinkers, the experts and the managers. Marc takes care of the sports management while Lucien is the rally manager. Baptiste Gengoux acts as technical director on the track, and Christian Haag and Sachar Rodenbusch coordinate the event. My children are also involved for the first time. Last but not least: Frank Frankenberg is the perfect man for the rally secretariat!

It’s really great fun! Of course, I’m also pleased that the municipality of Eupen, the central location of the rally, is on board and actively supports us. As Alderman Philippe Hunger recently explained: “This event is an enrichment for us and it would be a mistake not to support it. It will combine culture, sport, tourism and economy. And, knowing Michael Bartholemy, this rally will be the first but certainly not the last.” And what can I say? It’s true, that is precisely our goal.

First and foremost, we want to make the rally a celebration. The atmosphere is important to us. We want to bring people together, show them our beautiful Eastern Belgium and take them to places they won’t forget. The Ostbelgien Classic is meant to be an experience both on a sporting and a social level, in close cooperation with local companies, Horeca businesses and, of course, the local population.

Yours sincerely

Michael Bartholemy

PS: In our next communication you will find out why we will be driving in winter. Stay tuned!