Special rallies, special places

Eastern Belgium is a fantastic region. I’m not just saying this because I have lived here all my life. I still find interesting streets and enchanted forest paths that I didn’t know yet. Our region is also so awesome because our neighbours have equally beautiful spots. The participants in the first Ostbelgien Classic will experience this first hand.

Our route experts have put together a nearly 800 kilometer long tour, which couldn’t be more appropriate for the first edition of the uniformity rally – with Eupen as a hub, where we will return to every evening and where the team of Kloster Heidberg will pamper us. “This is a challenge for us which we are pleased to accept. We will be, so to speak, at the centre of events and we are already greatly looking forward to the many participants, the cars steeped in history and the daily experience reports. Easter Belgium is expecting you!” says Werner Baumgarten, the director of the Community Centre of the German-speaking Community.

Starting from Kloster Heidberg, we will aim with our vintage treasures on the first day for the dynamic getaway city Vaals in the Netherlands, as well as for the famous tripoint. In the evening, we will hold the “Grand Prize of Neutral-Moresnet” on the Koul site in the municipality of Kelmis. The mayor there, Luc Frank, is already greatly enthusiastic: “We are particularly happy that the first edition of the Ostbelgien Classic will go through our localities. We are pleased to donate the prize of Neutral-Moresnet. This is about the neutrality that ended on 10 January 1920 – so almost one hundred years ago – but which continues to live on in the hearts of many of our inhabitants.”


On Saturday, the route will go along the High Fens nature reserve over the border into Germany where we will drive through, among others, the dreamy Eifel locations of Kalterherberg and Mützenich, which are famous not only for their hedgerow landscape. A detour to the Beer Museum in Recht and the Reuland Castle will lead us on the same day to Weiswampach in Luxembourg. On the third day, we will wind our way through the densely forested Ardennes – with the highlight of a special stage on the legendary racing track of Spa-Francorchamps.
As you can see, you can’t miss this rally.

Yours truly,
Michael Bartholemy

PS: Next time we will provide more information about the many partners who will turn the Ostbelgien Classic into a real large-scale event!