We are making every effort to celebrate the return of better days…

Whilst there is a certain amount of gloom and gloom in this period of confinement, some are working hard to boost morale and provide quality entertainment once life gets back to normal.

Like everyone else, Michael Bartholemy is forced to work from his home in Eupen and he is taking advantage of this period, which should have been anything but calm, particulalry on the world motorcycle racing front, to forge ahead with the organisation of the Ostbelgien Classic 2020 scheduled for Friday 4th, Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of December. The least we can say is that everything is evolving favourably, at a sustained pace…

“The announcement of the various changes to the organisation was very well received, and the creation of the Ostbelgien Classic Light category, more accessible and less elitist than the fight for the top of the overall ranking, provided a good dose of motivation to some, who do not have the experience of leading teams”, Michael Bartholemy comments. “The foundations of the second edition are therefore solid, which is already being felt in terms of registrations, even though the event will only take place in eight months’ time. This may seem like a long way away, but apparently our society will need that amount of time to return to normal. The organisation and the first official contestants share the same credo: there will be life after the pandemic, we are delighted to be able to party again, to sit behind the wheel of our beloved vintage cars, to clear our heads at an event combining competition and end-of-year pleasures, all from the heart of a city as warm and welcoming as the city of Eupen. We have to remind ourselves that the best is yet to come…”

“Above all, the Ostbelgien Classic team expresses its respect and warmest thanks to those who work day and night, sometimes to the point of exhaustion, to save lives and try to bend the curves” Jeff Souren continues, still on behalf of the organisation. “Each crisis is followed by a period of recovery. It is therefore important to have projects, including leisure activities, to survive this long confinement. We believe that the Ostbelgien Classic has a role to play, and even more so afterwards.”

Already lots of great participants

Among the first contestants who have decided to sign up for the Ostbelgien Classic Light, is the German Dirk Lührmann, who made headlines with a shiny Lancia 037 Stradale in its Chardonnet version last December. Having already committed several cars, Lührmann will seize this opportunity to present his latest creation, a Mletzko in the line of the Heartbeat made on the basis of a Porsche 911 Type 964, which had aroused the curiosity of contestants and observers during the first edition of the Ostbelgien Classic.

Exclusivity will therefore once again be the order of the day, to the delight of enthusiasts. https://mletzko.com

Ideally located on the edge of Belgium, just a short ride away from Germany, the Netherlands and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Ostbelgien Classic is becoming more and more popular in these border regions. It just goes to show that the success of a first edition is always the best publicity. An initial list will be revealed soon, while with a duo as reputed as Joseph Lambert and Eric Chapa in charge of the route and the sporting management of the event, there is no doubt that the fight for the general ranking will bring together the best Belgian regularity specialists for vintage cars.

Commitments to the Ostbelgien Classic 2020 can be registered now on the website www.ostbelgien-classic.be.